smartkey systems inc.

Colorado Springs and the Denver area Ignition Interlock Provider

SmartKey Systems Inc. is part of the Lifesafer network. We are an authorized Ignition Interlock Provider for the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles through Lifesafer.  Since 1991 Lifesafer has provided clients across America and beyond with advanced, reliable technology, and attentive customer care.

Our goal is to make this process simple, convenient, and reasonably priced for our clients.  We are located in Colorado Springs and the greater Denver area.  SmartKey Systems is a full service Ignition Interlock Provider whose staff is professionally trained not only to install the ignition interlock device in your vehicle but to guide you through your voluntary or DMV required interlock program.

We know your time is valuable and we make complying as easy as possible.  Once your vehicle has been installed with your Lifesafer Ignition interlock device the typical time required for your monthly or bimonthly DMV monitoring process is typically about 20-25 minutes.  All services are by appointment in order to get you in and out as quickly as possible.


SmartKey Systems is now owned and operated by Sentry Interlock Inc.

SmartKey Systems Inc ignition interlock provider for lifesafer